Saturday, October 8, 2011

Current River Trip

We usually try to do a fall float trip, so we made some last minute plans for Shelly's birthday on the Current River. We have been to this spot several times, and the people at Jadwin Canoe are fantastic! Scott, Krissy, Shelly, Mike, Jen and Tom, Dan, and Amy were in attendance, and they were a great group to float with. Plus, the fall foliage was spectacular.

Kyle likes the front seat.

This is Welch Spring, which is the 5th largest spring in Missouri and is a conservation area for endangered grey bats.

After a long day on the river we all ate a potluck dinner, sat around the camp fire, and had a lazy evening.

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  1. Ack, the Current River is the one that tried to kill me! Of course, it was at flood stage, so my experience was probably not typical. ;) We couldn't even get up to the spring, the current was so strong that day.

    The color of the water in the 2nd to last picture is stunning.