Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Yarnblog, take 1

I try to keep my Ravelry project page as updated as I can, but I know that not everyone is on my favorite knitting website. I've decided to do an occasional knitting update here on the Camp BaconAlien blog for my non-knitting friends out there.

First, I'll start with things I have finished, aka finished objects or FO's.

-Gnomie Hat -

This hat was made with yarn that I received in a Loopy Swap from Naomi (yardgnomes) called Mochi Plus in Rainbow Trout. I purchased the pattern from TBFF Yarns and More, and it's the Braided Swirl Tam. It was a little big on me so I set it aside. The next night when Kyle's parents came to visit, Ruth Ann tried it on and loved it. It was definitely a good match.

-Thanks for all the Fish-
For these socks I used hand dyed superwash yarn in Woad that I dyed at a blue party at the True Blue Fiber Friends old location. I paired it with a self-striping Mini Mochi in 108 to make the pattern Swedish Fish Socks by SpilllyJane. I love how fast two color socks go! I made these in 12 days. I plan on taking better pictures outside with a sock model at a later date.

-Purple Twist Blankie -

This baby blanket was made out of one of the softest yarns out there, Malabrigo Twist. For this two color blanket I used Velvet Grapes and Plena. The pattern is the Carseat Blanket by Ruth Homrighaus, and this is the third one that I've made. They're simple, beautiful, and I will probably make more. I blocked this blanket today, so this is really just a preview pic.

-Tulip Cardigan -
This is a great little sweater, but it might be a little too big for the newborn I had in mind. I used Dream in Color Classy in various colors that I received in a kit. The pattern is called Tulips, a Colorful Cardigan for Baby by Lindsay Pekny. It would be a great pattern for scrap yarn.

That's it for my finished objects. Now, for works in progress or WIPs. I have several Christmas projects that I'm working on and it would be silly for me to post them. I don't want to ruin the surprise! So I will post them once they are finished and gifted.

-Christmas socks -

These sparkly Christmas socks are going to be for me. They're made with Dyabolical Bling Sock in the color "Closer than you Think." The pattern is CookieA's Wanida and I have modified it to make them two at a time. They're going very quickly and I love the colors.

-Evenstar -
This project is also known as the "Lace Monstrosity." I'm not a big wearer of lace shawls, so I'm really just making this for the challenge. I started it in April 2011 and I hope to finish it in April 2012. The pattern is Evenstar Shawl by Susan Pandorf and I am using Unique Sheep Marici in Midnight Forrest (which is a gradient colorway).

-Chemo Cap -

For my charity knitting of the month I am making the Bow Tie Cloche/Chemo hat by Debbie Anne and Susan Ann with leftover Cascade Ultra Pima in Magenta and Pink Rose. I had a bunch of extra yarn from a baby blanket. The Ultra Pima is super soft and washes nicely.

Next is stash aquirements. I just happened to catch an update for the sought after Dancing Dog Dyeworks etsy shop. They usually sell out in under 5 minutes, so you have to be quick. I purchased

-Twist Sock "In a Can"-

This yarn is self-striping and was inspired by Oscar the Grouch.

-Twist Sock "Sparkle"-

Another self-striping yarn that is crazy pinks and purples. It would be perfect for a pair of little girl's socks.

-Little Puppy Dk in "Cupcake"-

This yarn has all sorts of beautiful colors and I'm still not sure what I'm going to make with it. Possibly a Rebecca Danger Monster, but we'll see what happens.

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  1. i had never seen a Rebecca Danger Monster and i love Mom's Hat....... time to teach me to knit or you will only be making me new things! :) (ok ok- i will go to youtube and learn too)