Saturday, June 18, 2011

Linda and Mitch Nuptials

Our good friends Linda and Mitch got married! We traveled to St. Louis for the wedding.

Sarah and Mandy are ready to go, and are EARLY!

On the way there we got a flat tire! We were able to pull off in Wentzville, and Kyle put on the doughnut while wearing a suit.

We got a new tire put on, and were back on the road with little time to spare. Luckily, we made it to the church on time!

The bride wore a gorgeous green dress, the church was amazingly beautiful, and the service was uniquely traditional.

In between the wedding and the reception, we unpacked in our spot for the night at Scott P and Krissy's house. They were wonderful hosts. Scott P and Kyle even had a little jam session before we went to the reception.

The reception was held in the Mad Art Gallery, which used to be the third district police station. It was the perfect place, because the bar was right by the (decorated) holding cells, the gallery was a big open space with a stage, and it had a beautiful courtyard decorated with outdoor lighting.

The table was set with care. We got to sit by all of our friends, right in the middle!

Dinner was delicious!

So were the cupcakes.

The band that played was Treble Clef Palatte. They were funky! We danced all night!

On the way home, Kyle drove Scott P's car, and he sat in the back back. This is my favorite picture of the night:

Congrats Linda and Mitch! We love you!!

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