Sunday, March 6, 2011

Weekend with Jillian

Our niece came for a visit. On Friday night we played a lot of Wii games.

Saturday, I gave her a pair of socks that I made. Pink, purple, and perfect!

We went to the grocery store, played more Wii games, then went to the Missouri Children's Museum.

There were lots of fun things at the museum.

The dress-up room -

The Market -

The space stairwell -

Not to mention the craft room, blocks room, and the veterinary office room. Fun!

That night we headed over to McDonald's for dinner and time at the playplace.

Jillian got to burn off some energy. Jordan and Joel were there to show her the ropes.

Sunday we made blueberry muffins, shrinky dinks, played with Orbeez, more Wii, and read some books (chapter books! Wow!). When Jeremy and Aly came, we all went to Cici's pizza.

What a weekend!

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