Saturday, February 19, 2011

STL Dirtfoot

We traveled to St. Louis to see Dirtfoot at 2720 Cherokee. Clusterpluck opened. 2720 Cherokee is an art gallery/venue/event space that has recently opened. They have some interesting and unusual art. We saw lots of friends and Dirtfoot played a high energy show.

Set list:
01 intro
02 Gonna Get Ya
03 Rest My Head
04 Cast My Plans
05 Back Of A Stranger
06 Time To Be Your Friend Now
07 Money & Pride
08 Devoted Mama
09 Break My Bones
10 Let Yourself Ride
11 banter> percussion jam>
12 Folsom Prison Blues>
13 Heroin
14 Little Bit Of Rum
15 The Watusi
16 Right To Breathe
17 Rhinestone Ring
18 percussion jam
19 Bathroom Sink
20 My Girl
21 Fallin' In Love
22 outro

You can find Scott T's recording of the show at

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